Green Business Academy

The Green Business Academy is a series of workshops to give you the tools and training necessary to green your business operations. It will give you a cohort of other businesses to network with and lean on to achieve certification.

The next Academy begins in March 2018 and participation is a requirement for certification.

The Academy workshops will:

  • Teach you how to use and complete our online checklists.
  • Explain how to meet program requirements in the areas of recycling, purchasing, energy and water conservation and efficiency, pollution prevention, and ridesharing.
  • Allow you to meet other like-minded businesses and learn from each other.

2018 Green Business Academy Workshop Schedule

March 28 0r 29, 2018

Attend a kickoff Workshop:

The kickoff workshops will introduce businesses to the certification process and how to use our online checklists.  We will also cover all areas covered in certification: recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, energy efficiency and conservation,  water efficiency and conservation, ridesharing and pollution prevention.


Spring 2019

Attend annual Green Business Program Luncheon

Businesses will receive Certified Green Business certificate, logo, sticker and other promotional materials.

The Green Business Luncheon brings together businesses and local community leaders to celebrate the businesses’ accomplishments.

If you are unsure whether or not you will be able to join us on these dates or commit to the overall time requirement, please contact us to discuss possibilities.